Product Name:Integrated Sample Banking Total Solution
Product Code:iSBS


iSBS - Integration Sample Banking System

Integrated Sample Banking System (iSBS) is designed to vacuum-seal samples
into aliquots, smaller segments, by VLS(Vacuum-Like-Sealing), and provide
Sample Banking Management System that allows the users to store biological/clinical
information of the sample so the right samples can be pulled and used whenever
they are needed for research or diagnosis.
Sample Collection: Can collect targeted samples at any time.
Sample Segments & Sealing: Can vacuum-seal samples and divide them
   to small segments
Sample Quality & Validity: Can sustain the initial quality of samples
   until the minute it's being used (Semi-permanent)
Archiving Space: 32,000 samples per 600L Freezer
Processing Speed: 100 Sample / Hour (Labor Saving)


iSBS Info Image - Specification.png