Product Name:Fully Automatic Immuno Analyzer
Product Code:Diamond


Diamond - Fully Automatic Immuno-analyzer 

  Diamond is a Fully Automatic Immuno-analyzer specialized in Immunoassays
  including CLIA(Chemiluminsecence Immunoassay) & ELISA(Enzyme-linked 
  Immunosorbent Assay). Main instrument features both luminescence & 
  absorbance detection, shaking, incubation, disposable tip replacement, 
  auto washing, and other features to be a fully automatic instrument. 
  It is a universally open platform system that allows users to use any kind of 
  ELISA & CLIA Kits, but also a stand-alone system including 2 separate 
  User Interfaces, User Mode UI & Developer Mode UI, for user's convenience.

  ㆍAbsorbance and Luminescence Detection System
  ㆍHigh sensitivity and accuracy of Luminescence Detection 
     by advanced PMT Technology
  ㆍSuperb linearity and wide range of Absorbance Detection
  ㆍIncubation is provided with precise and uniform temperature control
     and shaking system
  ㆍStand-alone system with embedded LCD Touch Screen
  ㆍOne touch from start to finish
  ㆍFast & accurate movement with great repeatability
  ㆍAdvanced precision in Liquid Handling
  ㆍ2 separate User Interfaces: 
        - User Mode UI for Executing Protocols - Instrument
        - Developer Mode UI for Setting up Protocols - PC
  ㆍDisposable tips for no carry-over
  ㆍ96-well Microplate Type