Product Name:HR-1024i
Product Code:HR1024i


  • One half the size and weight of other field spectroradiometers.
  • Internal digital camera captures scene of target area.
  • Internal GPS provides time and location coordinates for each data file.
  • QVGA sunlight readable touch screen provides graphic data display.
  • Dedicated Bluetooth receives data from 16 channel optional sensor suite.
  • Provides exceptionally high spectral resolution operating across the full spectral region.
  • Incorporates 100% linear array technology and cooled InGaAs detectors thus providing superior wavelength and radiometric stability.
  • State of the art linear arrays provide low noise across the 350 nm to 2500 nm range.
  • Fixed foreoptics ensure a reliable optical path.
  • Critical optical components are hard mounted to the spectrometer platform.
  • Provides fast, full spectral measurements with no moving gratings.
  • Internal 32-bit CPU allows measurements to be made without an external computer.
  • Full spectral measurements can be acquired in 1 second.
  • Designed for minimal set-up & warm-up time
  • Internal memory stores a full day’s data
  • Supplied with rugged PDA / Bluetooth for wireless operation.
  • Field-changeable fiber optic light guide options available.
  • Integral, removable Lithium Ion battery enhances mobility (no power cord).